Washington’s Most Common Pests and How to Eliminate Them

From the Pacific shoreline to the Cascade Mountains, Washington is a beautiful place to live. Unfortunately, like other parts of the country, several household pests like making their homes here. Even with all the proper precautions, you will probably deal with a pest problem in your home at some point. At Issaquah Pest Control, we make it our business to help eliminate unwanted pests, and we are happy to share our knowledge about preventing them in the first place.


Like many pests, if you have ants in your home, they have found a food source. Some ants look for fats and oils, while others seek out sugary foods. Scouts leave scent trails so that fellow colony members can discover the food source. Keeping food in sealed containers and wiping down your counters will help prevent an infestation.

Other ants are more destructive. Carpenter ants enjoy aging wood at their meals. This diet is acceptable when they feast on fallen branches outdoors, but it can do significant damage to the wood in your home.

How Issaquah Can Help

Every year, we apply a protective barrier that prevents scouts from getting inside your residence. If the first wave never makes it in, the rest of the colony cannot follow.


You can find cockroaches around the world. These hearty insects thrive on easily accessible food. Once they establish themselves in your home, they can multiply fast.

Preventing roaches is mostly a matter of keeping things clean. A potential cockroach infestation is an incentive to wash dirty dishes before you go to bed. Other helpful practices include regularly wiping down counters and covering your trash.

Issaquah and Cockroaches

For a roach invasion, we begin by eliminating the current generation of roaches. Our team knows the dark spaces where these pests like to hide during the day. Then, we apply our household barrier to prevent any new visitors.

Carpet Beetles

In Washington, carpet beetles are a familiar pest. The larvae of these insects like to feed on animal products in clothing and other textiles. They will also snack on synthetic fibers if there is a food spill.

Adult carpet beetles can get into your home through an open door or window during the spring. The larvae are hard to spot, and homeowners might accidentally bring carpet beetles into their homes in infested clothing or old furniture.

You can knock down the population of these pests by frequently vacuuming your carpets. Pay special attention to dark areas as the insects prefer these spots. If a clothing item shows carpet beetle damage, throw it away immediately.

Issaquah’s Carpet Beetle Treatment

Our pest control technicians will look for signs of carpet beetle damage. Then, they will treat the area to remove the pests. We can also return in the spring to deploy traps that will prevent the adults from laying eggs in your home.


Mice and rats have lived around human beings for centuries. Rodents love the food scraps we create. You probably have rodent families living somewhere nearby. However, it is a different story when mice and rats get inside your home. When you find mouse pellets in a kitchen cabinet, it is not something you can ignore.

Preventing a rodent invasion is all about making food inaccessible. Seal your food containers and dispose of food waste quickly. Rodents enjoy pet food of all kinds, so be sure to keep your kibble in a safe container. If you compost plant waste, you want to keep the bin at a distance from your home.

Issaquah and Rodent Control

Mice do not require much space to get into a building. Our first step is looking for access points and sealing them off. Then, we use a combination of baits, traps, and containment strategies to remove the offenders and keep them away.

Expert Pest Control in Western Washington

Issaquah Pest Control is the team that Washington can rely on for fast and effective pest removal services. If you see signs of unwanted guests in your home, we are ready to help. Contact us today.