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Rodent problems are nothing new for homes or businesses. In fact, rats and mice have been invading our homes, shops, and workplaces for pretty much as long as we’ve been around. Rats and mice are scavengers, and they love to feast on the food we leave lying around as well as the garbage we throw out. Plus their warm-blooded nature means they need warmth and protection from the elements, and they find it extremely easy and convenient to do that in the giant buildings we construct.

At Issaquah Pest Control, we know how frustrating the presence of these creatures can be, and we know the impact it can have on your life and your business operations. When you have a problem with mice or rats, we offer fast response, effective solutions, and thorough removal services that eliminate your intruders for good. Not only do we focus on finding these creatures wherever they might be, but we work on closing off their access points, ensuring that your home remains completely safe and free from unwanted pests. We even offer ongoing protection against these pests with our preventive treatment plans like our Guaranteed Plan! Plus, we offer the same great customer service from locally-based technicians, and that makes us truly a name the community has come to trust and depend on.

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Why Rodents Are Such a Problem

On the surface, rats and mice might not seem like too big of an issue. In fact, some people even keep these creatures as pets. However, wild rats and mice are a major nuisance for two reasons: they are notoriously intimidating due to their large size, and they are prolific carriers of a wide variety of diseases. Rodents are widely believed to be one of the leading causes for one of the worst pandemics in human history: the bubonic plague that wiped out nearly a quarter of the population of Europe hundreds of years ago. Today, rodents may not carry this disease, they can certainly carry many others.

We deal with all types of potential rodent invasions, including:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Vole

Most of the time, rodents are content to simply hide somewhere that they can’t be seen and stay away from humans. However, they do need to scavenge for food, and this is what most often gets them noticed. They often leave trails of evidence pointing to their presence, such as chewed-open food containers, droppings, urine, or even small hairs. These small bits of evidence can carry these diseases, and that makes it important to clean them up quickly as well as eliminate the offenders as soon as possible. Rats and mice are also known for causing damage to homes, including causing mold and mildew growth, foul odors, and even damage to important infrastructure like electrical wiring by chewing through the shielding on electrical cables.

Issaquah Pest Control utilizes the latest in baiting, trap, and containment technology to ensure a fast capture and elimination of any intruding rodents. This ensures a humane and eco-friendly solution as well as long-lasting results that actively work to keep rats and mice away from your home and you and your property safe.

Commercial Rodent Control

A single rat or mouse can cause a business to fail a health inspection, and in a business like a restaurant or a hotel, a failed health inspection could be a death sentence. When you discover signs of a rodent intrusion, call Issaquah Pest Control for fast action, long-lasting protection, and ongoing solutions that keep you and your home protected.

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